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Meet Kirsten! I'm the voice behind The Marvelous Mom's Podcast and today I'm talking about the what's why's and who's of the podcast! Prepare for a fun, adventurous and uplifting audio experience that will motivate you to be the mom you always imagined you would be!
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Apr 29, 2016

Darci was told at age 19 that she had endometriosis and if she wanted children she would have to act fast.  She faced fertility issues and decided to foster early on because they weren't sure about adoption yet.  The first time they met their first potential foster daughter, her husband fell in love instantly and they ended up adopting her when the option became available!  In the midst of the adoption and fostering process she discovered she was pregnant!  Shortly thereafter she found out she was pregnant AGAIN so within a few years she and her husband went from 0 to 3 children!  They took a few breaks from fostering but as time passed they decided to foster more, and today have 4 children who are official members of their family as well as one more foster daughter- a beautiful girl who smiled at me throughout the whole interview on Darci's lap!

 You'll have to hear the whole interview to catch all the amazing details on how they have grown their family and how her heart has changed as a foster mother.  She has seen inside a world with so much need that she yearns to give a home to all the babies, and after our conversation I gave some long hard thought to someday fostering myself.  She is a special amazing person and I just fell in love with her the more she spoke. Her heart is so pure and while it feels like a burden at times to have grown her family this way, to be in the very crazy world of foster parenting, I admire her 100 % and hope she inspires all of you as well!

Thank you Darci for your strong courageous example and for sharing your story with the rest of us!  Have a wonderful Marvelous day mommies!

Apr 27, 2016

Lana is a fellow podcaster of the Lana Simmons Podcast and she is sharing pieces of her very interesting life on Marvelous Moms Club! She had no idea what a struggle parenting would be for her, and with the added bonus of having a son with Autism she has fought hard to become the Marvelous Mom she is today! She does it all from podcasting to yoga, and has been a chronic dieter for many years. She recently co-hosted the Size Human podcast, but has branched out on her own and can now interview whomever she pleases! It was really fun to chat with someone who was honest and open about her journey as a mother and how it was much more intense than she thought it would be. Her honesty and hilarious sense of humor will leave you with a smile on your face! To check out all things Lana head to her website: Lana Simmons and keep up with everything amazing she has going on! You might even find an interview with yours truly about my journey and creation of Marvelous Moms Club!
Thanks Lana, you were a terrific guest and I can't wait to tune in to more episodes of your podcast!

Have a great day everyone!

Apr 25, 2016

Ashley was so fun to chat with and I loved getting to know her better! I felt like I already knew her pretty well based on all the Periscopes of hers I have seen, but having an opportunity to have a two way conversation was wonderful! She is so smart, full of ideas and a busy mom of four balancing multiple ventures like a pro! From her fresh recipes to her business and branding advice she is showing moms everyday how to be amazing and marvelous- and that's exactly why I asked her to be on the podcast. I loved learning about how she began her journey as a social media influencer and how many years of hard work and love for sharing her passion with others has turned into a substantial income for her family! You can check out her newest e-book series, Blooming to Booming, a 3 book trio full of advice for the budding instagrammer! I purchased it and it was AWESOME! And after you listen to our chat, keep following her over on INSTAGRAM HERE!

Thanks Ashley for being such an open book and sharing your journey with us! We can't wait to see what you keep accomplishing and loved having your shining example as our Mompreneur of the week!

Apr 22, 2016

What can I say to sum up how incredibly awesome Oakley is? There are no words. I didn't know her at ALL before we chatted for this interview but I fell in love with her instantly. She's so laid back, fun loving and has the most beautiful perspective on life. The mother of three adorable children, one with "up-syndrome" as she lovingly refers to it, her life is insanely busy right now. Just during our call she dealt with a fussy baby, a preschool emergency and a diaper blow-out. It was comical and the total epitome of a day in the life of a marvelous mom. So kudos to her for continuing our chat even when life got a bit nuts!

You may have seen Oakley on social media or maybe have seen her blog, Nothing Down About It. She debunks some misconceptions of what it's like to have a child with special needs including Down Syndrome, which is what her adorable son Welles was born with. Without any prior knowledge of his condition she was not mentally or emotionally prepared for this journey she is now on and turned to the internet for guidance and answers. Finding mostly negative online, she lived in fear and dread for the first few weeks of Welles's life. She also had some well meaning friends offer condolences rather than appreciation for the amazing spirit her son had. She finally concluded something positive had to be put out there on the interwebs to inspire and help mothers in her situation, to realize what a true blessing it is to parent and love a child with "Up-syndrome". The result? An amazing and inspiring glimpse into her beautifully chaotic life full of ups and downs, life lessons and an experiences she'd never trade for anything in the world. I loved it when she said: "You want them to be kind, you want them to show love to others, and hello! He was born with all of those qualities that came so easily to him that don't come so easily to the rest of us. What more could I want for my child?!"

Listen in to our chat to hear even more, to get to know Oakley's family a bit better, and please share with anyone you know who would benefit from this incredibly uplifting example! Thank you Oakley, I have so much love for you and your sweet family and thank you for being a guest, as you are TRULY a MARVELOUS MOM!

Apr 20, 2016

I had such a fun time chatting with Sara on the podcast! She is the momma of nine year old boys (whoa) and through her conscious parenting helps other parents in their journey of raising their own children! I love Sara's bio, it really sums up what she does much better than I could: Sara is a Conscious Parent Coach, Meditation Guide, and master of helping parents create effortless cooperation and peace with their children. Sara's unique ability to hold a non-judgmental, deeply safe atmosphere for parents has won her over a thousand fans on Periscope and a booked client roster of parents creating profound shifts in their lives. Shifts like going from conflict to connection, zero power-struggle bed times, seeing their children brush their teeth, do their homework, and clean up without having to be asked (oh yeah!) and enjoying a healthy social life without mom-guilt. Ready to create these kind of results for yourself? Follow Sara on Periscope @Sara_Exley for daily support and meditations or inquire about Private Coaching at on her website Sara Exley

I mean doesn't she sound like someone you wanna hang out with and just soak up all of the good energy she has to share? I am following her on Periscope (of course) and you should too. She's smart as a whip and I guarantee you'll get amazing info from her there and through her personal coaching!  She really helps moms find freedom, and I love how she summed it up when she referred to that freedom: "You're already amazing, you're already deeply committed. You don't need help with that. You just need my help in trusting yourself".  I think it's absolutely amazing (I've said this before) when people are willing to share their skills and what they've learned with others!  It's the driving force behind Mommy Mentoring and why I am so excited to share with all of you Marvelous Moms!

Thanks for sharing some knowledge with us Sara, you're amazing and a completely Marvelous Mom! :)

Apr 18, 2016

Corrine is one of my favorite mompreneurs because of her fierce dedication to her business and motherhood! She's someone to follow and watch if you are wanting to achieve any level of success whether it be blogging or otherwise. An industry leader in high end deal finding she has turned her passion for shopping into a full time business, helping other shopaholics feed their habits while staying on track with a budget.

Her biggest goal in life was to become a mother and she is now blessed with two beautiful daughters who keep her just as busy (if not busier) as her business running Mint Arrow.

Today you'll get to hear her story, how she started the blog, why it's so successful and the legacy she wants to leave her children.

All this and SO much more with one amazing Mompreneur who I absolutely loved getting to know better! Thank you Corrine for all of the inspiration, information and love!

Apr 15, 2016

I really love Jen's inspiring story and how she's used her own experiences with her child to help others who may find themselves in the same situation.  Oftentimes we may realize our children might need special attention for behavior or developmental issues but the hardest part is beginning the process or even knowing HOW to start the process of getting them the help they need.  Jen realized that her son, at a very young age was seeming to fall further and further behind in his development and against the urging of others who would insist it might just be because his older sibling talked for him, or that it was totally natural, she knew she had to find out for sure. 

Jen's husband's aunt was a helpful advocate for them. She had worked with 0-5 year olds who had hearing issues for 3 decades and seemed a great place to start in evaluating whether hearing might be causing some of their son's delays.  After realizing that was not the issue she pointed them in the right direction and the process began.  Her son ended up being an overachiever, significantly behind in various areas of development.  She has seen him progress in a phenomenal way all thanks to some completely FREE resources that everyone can take advantage of.  

So now she advocates for parents, supports them in a journey they were not prepared to take and helps them find the correct places to start.  She is passionate about the process and it shines through as she discusses it with me.  I love that she is serving many more people who are discovering how challenging it can be to navigate the process of helping their children.  She's amazing and I'm so happy to share her story with you today! 


Apr 14, 2016

Today is a very special day for two reasons. It's the day my beautiful mother was born and the day my perfectly sweet daughter was born! Two of the most important women in my life share this day as their special day and I wanted to include a bonus episode today telling you what makes MY mom a MARVELOUS MOM! And why those lessons are so important for me to be the mom my little girl needs me to be!

Happy Birthday mom and Lissie! I love you so very much!

Apr 13, 2016

Hearing Deborah's story a couple of months ago at a retreat was so moving to me I knew I had to share it here on the podcast.  I love how at a time in her life when she felt that God had forgotten her she found the most amazing blessings as she found the courage to forgive God, and realize all that he had in store for her.  The mother to four amazing children, her story isn't common and she came by her younger two children in a very sweet and miraculous way.  Listen as we chat about her experiences with adoption, realizing how unique the love of a mother is for each child and so much more.  One of my favorite things she touched on was the importance of self care as mothers and how it is when we look inside that we truly find ourselves and realize we were never really lost.  Deborah's story is heartfelt and I so appreciate the faithful way she shares it! Enjoy Marvelous Moms! 

Apr 11, 2016

Erin is the prime example of a mompreneur who has taken her talents and skills to the next level and found a way to monetize them! After speaking with her I realized how truly limitless everyone's potential is and how possible it is to make money just being yourself!  We are in such a changing society that is full of busy families, so her natural knack for organization and assisting others has not only made her community better, but has provided a great extra income to her family.  Never planning on being a stay at home mom this venture was completely spontaneous but has worked out so well for her, I wanted to share her story with you to inspire you to look inward to find out what makes you a MARVELOUS MOMPRENEUR! Thank you Erin for your inspiration and ambition that will be an example to many other moms who are just starting out or searching for what makes them special! 

Apr 8, 2016

My amazing friend Akayleia Frehner is living in Germany with her two adorable sons, which means I don't often get to hear from her or see her. But thanks to modern technology we set up a Skype call so that I could hear all about what raising kids outside of the United States (when you've been raised here) is like! It opened my eyes to some details I'd never have thought of and made me admire her even more than I already did for making such a wonderful life for her family and adding some pizzaz and joy to the German culture!

Come listen as we chat motherhood, international moves and challenges that come with living so far from home!

Apr 6, 2016

Hey Marvelous Moms! Today I'm giving all kinds of motivation and chatting about some of the things that hold us back from being amazing moms and running successful businesses! Check it out and come find me over at to have a mentoring session with yours truly! 

Apr 4, 2016

Jenna is my kind of girl, I reached out to her and within 24 hours she was on my calendar ready to chat about all things motherhood and being a mompreneur! I loved our extra long chat (and you guys are only getting about half of it) where we talked about some of the effects social media can have on our self esteem, how to find true value and happiness and why you should never assume people don't struggle in life just because they're "popular".  Jenna recently did a Periscope talking about a day she was feeling down, like she wasn't a good mom, not important to anyone etc. She posted about these feelings on Instagram and got a comment from someone who didn't understand how she could feel this way with 70K+followers.  It opened the door to many emotions and I am so happy Jenna continued that thought on the podcast to share it with all of you!

Someone always has more or seems to have more than you do. Why does that make us feel less than?  The whole point of her post was to remember that our lives are made up of so much more than what's online. There is a lot Jenna doesn't share that is reserved for people in her life who are her family friends and HERSELF. And that's ok! I loved getting this glimpse inside the mind of someone who is an online influencer. We sometimes assume they have it all together because of their amazing social media feed. But they feel the same way we do! It's like middle school all over again, you never stop looking around feeling inferior to others. But what's important is to not feed into that!  Realize that your fulfillment will not come from anywhere but within yourself and from those who you love and cherish the most!

Jenna blogs with a couple of her friends over at Small Fry and after a couple of years thanks to some nudging and requests created her own Instagram feed- you might know her from there- Jenna's Kitchen.  She posts her life, her recipes and all kinds of wonderfulness!

I could write up our whole conversation but I'm not going to because you just need to listen to soak up all things Jenna!

Apr 1, 2016

I found Ani on my favorite social media platform of all time...can you guess? Yes, Periscope. She was sharing the most incredible experience and her raw emotions as a mother who has experienced loss and I dropped everything I was doing to hear her words and fell in love with her instantly. She has changed lives by sharing her feelings and today you will feel every range of emotions from sadness to joy and gratitude!

Ani and her husband led a very calm and "easy" life until a month after their second daughter Ruby was born. Realizing some things in hear health weren't quite right they were thrown into a whirlwind of chaos where they helped Ruby to fight for her life for several months before losing her to a liver disease she had been born with. Ani shares details of that time in her life as well as the moment she had to let Ruby go. It's a hard listen but it's a beautiful story of a mother's love and how cherished each child is that comes to us, even if just for a short time!

Both Ani and her husband tried to be organ donors to Ruby but the pieces of their livers they could have used were both too large for Ruby's tiny body. They waited for months for an organ to come, dealing with the huge scope of conflicted emotions that accompany that desire. Essentially someone else must lose a child for your child to live. So while you're praying for a miracle you know it will come at the hand of someone's loss. Ani never even thought about the possibility that she would lose Ruby, but was more worried about how Ruby would handle the surgery when a liver did come. She maintained courage and faith through the entire journey and her world was shattered when the miracle shed'd been hoping for did not happen.

I love that Ani expressed that while it seems she didn't get her big miracle in this life to have Ruby survive and get the transplant she needed, the real miracle is that she will get to see her again, that she is her daughter forever and that she got to have that special bond with Ruby while she was on this earth. She feels honored to have been her mother and looks forward to a day when she can see her and snuggle her again.

This chat with Ani as well as all of her periscopes remind me to not complain about the trivial things that come with parenting. There are parents struggling and hurting daily with sick children or loss who would give anything to have their biggest problem be endless poopy diapers or a messy home. If we are trying to put positivity into the world and enjoy all the wonderful things around us we will be creating more joy and positive uplift for those around us!

I asked Ani some tips for friends or family who don't know what to say after a loss. While it seems like the phrases you've heard a lot will be the right thing to say, they can in fact be the hardest for parents who have lost children to hear. For example, "They're in a better happened for a reason..." etc. Things that are GOOD to say... say their name. Talk about how this person impacted your life. Ask about the person, what they were like, any opportunity to let them share about the person they have lost.

I am SO grateful to Ani for sharing her story here and for bridging the gap that so many of us face, whether we are on the side of the spectrum as a mother who has lost a child or on the opposite end wondering how to support and love our dearest friends who are hurting. Stories like these need to be shared more and we need to remember wonderful spirits like Ruby! I love that Ani and her husband started the Ruby Jane Foundation so that they could serve in her name and have an outlet that helped them to heal!

Keep up with Ani and read the whole journey with Ruby on their family blog.

And go check out the Ruby Jane Foundation as well!