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Meet Kirsten! I'm the voice behind The Marvelous Mom's Podcast and today I'm talking about the what's why's and who's of the podcast! Prepare for a fun, adventurous and uplifting audio experience that will motivate you to be the mom you always imagined you would be!
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Jan 31, 2019

Erin- I owe you one girl- because you are a saint! Erin was kind enough to let me interview her TWICE because our first interview from almost two years ago was corrupted! Here we are now though- sharing this fantastic interview with you! Erin is a mother I look up to SO much! She's not only a military wife, the most PATIENT mother I've ever seen in action but she's also an entrepreneur and the creator of MOMMI- with the most amazing healthy offerings for moms! Check out this episode- and go to the blog to get 20% off your first order from! 

Jun 14, 2018

Hey Marvelous Moms!

I know every single episode is inspiring in one way or another, but wow, this one gave me the chills! Amy Twitty is our guest today and she tells us about her fighting efforts to adopt her children. I loved listening to her amazing stories and I know you will too.

May 24, 2018

Today's guest has chosen to remain anonymous for her own privacy. Her subject is a sensitive one but it needed to be talked about on the podcast because unfortunately, infidelity does happen sometimes. Many victims choose to leave and some, like today's guest, choose to stay.


We often think we know what we would do in a certain situation, until it actually happens to us. I hope her story can help you if you are in a similar situation, or if you know someone who's gone through it! We could all use and give a little more forgiveness, don't you think?


Thanks for listening!

May 3, 2018

I don't know how many of you have been with me from the beginning of this podcast, but if you have, you probably know how the book "The Miracle Morning" changed my life! That's why I'm so excited about this episode. Lindsay McCarthy teamed up with Hal Elrod, the author of the original book, to make a version especially designed for parents and families!

Listen as Lindsay shares a few golden ideas that led to this amazing follow-up book.

You can find her book by clicking this link below!

The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families

Apr 26, 2018

If you like positive people (don't we all?) you'll like Dena! Like Aubrey from last week's episode, Dena suffered the loss of a child when she delivered a still born baby. She's also recently lost several other close family members, so she is no stranger to loss. 

I've never been through these kinds of experiences, but I know many people have, so I hope you can find the strength to be positive through your own trials, whatever they may be!

Apr 19, 2018

Aubrey is one of my longest and best friends since high school! She's amazing in every way and has been through one of the hardest trials a mother could ever be put through: losing a baby.

Whether you have been through the same thing (if so, sending so many hugs!) or you know someone who has, we hope this episode can give some much needed comfort. 


Follow Evie's special Instagram at

Mar 29, 2018

We all like a good come back story, don't we? Jess Winnett grew up in a less-than-perfect home and had great examples of what not to do in her own marriage. Instead of continuing a cycle of poor choices and broken families, Jess has done everything she can to have a healthy relationship with her husband and children. She's proof that you can make a better life than your parents had, no matter how crazy things were for you growing up!

Listen for your marvelous inspiration!

Sep 28, 2017

Elizabeth Riley is on the podcast today! You know that feeling when you figure out what works best for YOUR family? That's what today's episode is all about! We all have our unique situations and schedules and families and we have to come up with our own special way of living our lives! Some things that work for one family might not be that awesome for another... and vice versa! Homeschooling is one of those things that can be GREAT if it's what fits your family! For Elizabeth, it's her way of putting her whole heart and soul into mothering.

Sep 19, 2017

Susie is a baby sleep consultant! If you struggle at all when it comes to your baby's or toddler's sleep (and we probably all do!) this episode is for you. With her business Sleep Baby Love, she shares her knowledge and experience with overcoming sleep problems.

Sep 15, 2017

You're gonna love this one! Cat & Nat are the epitome of best mom friends. If you don't already know them, this episode will make you want to. "Momming" is better together!

Jun 28, 2017

Samantha Naud is an incredibly sweet person and it was wonderful to interview her. I can tell just by talking with her that she mothers her children with grace and respect. She has four children, and home schools them all (even the baby!) Listen to this episode so you can hear some great parenting inspiration and motivation. She's all about adventure and learning!

Jun 14, 2017

This week's episode is with Jesika Harmon, mother of five on Earth and two in Heaven. Jesika has some great advice for teaching and being an example to our children, and she also shares some profound experiences. Listen to hear about what she calls "such a beautiful journey."

Jun 2, 2017

Aimee is one of my friends all the way back from my immature crazy high school days. If you had told me back then that we'd get to connect as adults and be friends like we are now I wouldn't have believed you! Aimee and I had very different life situations back then, but it's amazing how motherhood and just adulthood in general can bring you together.

Aimee reached out to me months ago to see if it would be a good idea to share a bit of her story and her life with my audience- and I immediately knew it was an important episode to share. Aimee suffers from Lyme disease and is one of countless people who endure chronic illnesses. It completely changes the flow and expectations of her motherhood and life. I am so honored to share her perspective with those of you who I KNOW need her message!

Listen in and share with a friend who needs to hear this!
Thanks Aimee for being brave!


Sep 28, 2016

Several months ago I was on my favorite social media platform, Periscope, when a new person popped up and everyone invited me to watch her live streams. I had never heard of her, didn't know her story (because I was living under a rock somewhere that Instagram didn't exist apparently), but I instantly loved her. Who was this beautiful red head with five children, and how on earth did she seem so calm and sweet with FIVE children under the age of five running around? I got to know Emily a lot through watching her Periscopes, and we became "social media friends", which was wonderful. She would come on my periscopes and laugh and leave supportive comments as I tried to show everyone my make-up regimen that consisted of 3 year old lip liners and half broken brushes. I thought, hey, this girl is really sweet and fun, I should have her on the podcast sharing some mom tips since she's clearly got some things figured out to have had so many kids in such a short time! I had no idea, none whatsoever, that she was battling the hardest year of her life.

Because I had been living under a rock, I had never read her blog, didn't know that her husband Martin was suffering from Stage 4 Melanoma. I didn't know that on top of taking care of five kids, she was taking care of a terminally ill husband, maintaining a blog and keeping a smile on her face. I just thought she was an adorable, carefree mom with the standard life we all seem to live. When I started reading more on her blog, I was devastated for her. I almost felt embarrassed that I had asked her to be on the podcast, not realizing how difficult life was for her. I watched with thousands of other people as her life continued to become weighed down with sorrow, and cried my eyes out when I found out her sweet husband had passed away just days before Father's Day.

You never know how to talk to someone when they are in grief, or at least I don't. I prayed for Emily like everyone else, and let her know I was there. Fast forward a few months, and now I can't go a day without talking to her. She's become one of my soul sister friends, the kind that you just know you knew before. I'd always heard Emily was sweet and kind, but until I met her in real life, I didn't realize truly how special she is. And not only is she the most patient, mellow mother, she is HILARIOUS and we keep each other laughing on a daily basis, which I have always thought is the best medicine...

Emily came to visit me this past weekend with all five of those amazing kids, and we stole a little time after they were all in bed to finally have this podcast interview. I'm honored to be able to share a little more insight into what the last year and a half were like for Emily, the moments she didn't feel ready to share on her blog, the stories behind the stories. I know it's been overwhelming to share everything in the middle of her turmoil, and she's always striven to keep her blog positive, faith-filled and amazing. So grab some tissues- I promise you will need them, and if you haven't already, prepare to fall head over heels in love with this absolutely Marvelous Mom, Emily Meyers.

Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to catch all the new episodes!

I love sharing these stories with you, and all of them hold a piece of my heart!


Mar 15, 2016

Brittney had dreams of becoming a mother- but was prepared to wait a bit longer than six months into her marriage to start a family. But as life likes goes- she was thrown a curveball and found out she was pregnant!

Just as she had gotten used to the idea that she would be a mother- life threw another curve ball at her 17 week appointment and revealed that she'd have twice the opportunity to learn motherhood- surprise! It was TWINS!

Listen to how she went from newlywed to mom of two sweet babies born at only 32 weeks with NICU care and how she balanced her time to devote her heart to both of her new littles.

I loved hearing about how life has changed even now with them being 18 months old and to see that she's clearly survived the sleepless fog that overtook her life for the first several months of the twins being part of the family. Hearing her speak now you'd never guess she had ever felt unprepared for motherhood! Her enthusiasm and love for her kids is intoxicating and I loved hearing all about her adventures as a twin mom!

If you or someone you know is expecting multiples this is a great one to share! Some of the little things I'd never think of are explained as well as the joy behind being a mother to multiples and the lessons she's learning along the way! Thank you Brittney for sharing your unique journey into motherhood!

Mar 14, 2016

Kate is one of the strongest people I know- and I've followed her life through social media for over a decade now- through beautiful amazing memories and staggering heartbreak. I've watched her navigate through territory nobody ever expects and have seen her grow into her role as a single parent with grace and humor.

Life never goes according to plan, even after years of planning! Kate never expected to find herself 8 months pregnant moving back in with her parents as her marriage ended. But that was her reality and a few years later she is now rocking it as only Kate can rock- working to support her insanely handsome little boy Gray and to pass along her love for adventure to him.

Come listen to hear more about her story- her "Saturdates" and what her plans for the future are!

Thank you Kate for being an amazing guest and sharing your story with us! It was so fun getting to know you for REAL :)

Mar 11, 2016

Heidi is someone I've admired and watched for a few years now, her photography skills are mad crazy good- and she is actually the photographer who took over our studio lease in Southern Utah when we moved here to California. She has made it far more than we ever did and I am captivated by her images of babies and children that are just flawless and beautiful.

Beyond that I knew very little about her until she sent me a message one day on Facebook asking about the podcast and the ins and outs- curious about whether she might be up for starting her own. She has her own story of courage and overcoming her fears that were a part of her makeup for as long as she can remember. She's always been anxious and scared of things in life that would be normal for most others. And that fear carried into her teens and young adulthood until she decided enough was enough and she wanted to take control of her life.

Through family struggles, health issues and regular growing pains that life throws at you she has conquered many of her fears and created a life full of success and love. She is a marvelous mom and I'm happy to share her story with you!

Mar 10, 2016

Today it's me- Kirsten, the host of this marvelous podcast talking about some of the tender moments I've experienced this week as a mother- and talking REAL about how difficult this job can be at times. How exhausting and draining it is and how easy it is to revert to negativity. How HUMAN it is to feel down, to feel like a failure and to want to wallow in those feelings. And also how insanely rewarding it is to jump outside of that mentality to more amazing feelings of love and pure joy. Being a mother gives us the capacity to feel any and all emotions in the course of one single day. In one moment really. And it's what we choose to do with these amazing emotions that decides the types of mothers we are, the happiness of our children and the peace we feel in our homes. I keep learning- every single day I make mistakes and wonder why it can't come easier. But nothing worth doing is easy- and I'm learning to LEARN from my kids and to take cues from them. I'm realizing the power of positive thought and positive words- how building up a child with love and tenderness is far more rewarding than cutting them down or trying to "fix" them.

Enjoy today's episode- I know I enjoyed recording it for you and sharing some of the most sweet feelings of motherhood love

Mar 9, 2016

Cancer- it's such a dirty word and brings with it so much fear and negativity. So many people have lost their lives to cancer and even more have survived and gone on to thrive in a new sort of way. Desirae is a breast cancer survivor and had a long battle with it resulting in double mastectomy and even hysterectomy. With four young children she was faced with one of her hardest life struggles to date and learned many lessons that can be passed along to all of you! 

Faith in God, family and friends and an amazing support system and blogging were her biggest tools in staying positive and fighting through the yucky days to survive not only the cancer but the effects thereof afterwards.  She started something called "pink days" where family and friends would send pictures in of them wearing pink, sending her love and support which made the entire process much less painful.  Most cancer patients either keep the whole process very private or share it all to help them cope. Desirae was a talker and on top of blogging her journey she kept a journal which led to her "accidental book" that she self published- One Day at a Time- My Journey with Cancer. When going through her own personal struggles she felt that at the time there was really nothing with a spiritual base that could help her get through her fight with cancer- so her book fills a need she felt she had when she was in the middle of the hard days. And as she said, we all have a cancer of sorts so this book can really benefit everyone faced with hard challenges! 

Beyond just the struggle with cancer she has had a lot of mental healing to do- can you imagine living knowing cancer is always playing a silent role in your life? The fear that could overtake you if you always worried it would come back? The PTSD you'd experience when recalling the awful moments spent during the darkest days? It think it's so important  that Desirae put that out there- it's so much more than cancer- it changes you for the rest of your life. The life you are SO grateful to be living! 

Something I think we can all take away from episodes like this is the reminder that life is SO precious. Be it our own lives, the lives of our children and those we love, we need to let the small things go and appreciate each breath we take because we never know how long we'll be allowed to enjoy this beautiful life. Let the messes and piles go- hold your kids and love each moment spent with them. 

I loved hearing how it was hard for Desirae to believe her family could function without her there 100% as she recovered and fought cancer. I think too often we try to do it all- to be everything for everyone and it's important to allow people to serve US sometimes. To realize that someday we want to give service with a heart full of selfless love and to feel the love of others as they are striving to lift some of our burdens. There are earthly angels all around us waiting for a chance to help us! 

You can keep up with her blog and ever evolving journey HERE ON HER BLOG! 

Thank you Desirae for sharing your message- that we ALL can DO HARD THINGS! Your story is inspiring and I am so thankful you have written your book and will help to lighten other people's burdens in this life! 

Mar 8, 2016

Bethanie became instantly one of my favorite people the first time I spoke with her on the phone. Another modern day marvel thanks to social media I only know her because of a photo her husband posted of her coming home from a taping of the Steve Harvey show where "New School Moms" vs "Old School Moms". Ben, my husband is actually the one who found the photo while Disney hashtag searching and we were super intrigued to hear their story and what made them so "unconventional". She was totally up for talking and we chatted on the phone for 20 minutes and I felt instantly connected to her because she just GETS IT. She's a dreamer, just like me. And she understands how Disney plays a role in having a life full of dreams! She just takes it to an even cooler level as a professional princess and she's married to one of the most TALENTED costume designers I've ever met.

I love when she explained the joy of being a princess and looking into little girls eyes and telling them their dreams can come true. I think you REALLY have to believe that is truth to share it with children and I can totally understand how it would be an emotional experience to carry such a beautiful message and to deliver it with little dreamers! And she even SOUNDS like a Disney princess- don't you think? I love that she is pursuing such a wide array of dreams and goals all while being a marvelous mom to her three beautiful kids! And teaching them that no dream is too big, you are never too old to pursue what you love! For example, she started dancing as an adult and while most people would feel "too old" to start up a new talent, she is going after it anyway and teaching her children a valuable lesson!

Bethanie and her husband are a bit unconventional in that they are currently "Unschooling" their children. It sounds so scary and odd but the more I've learned about it the more I realize it only sounds weird and scary because it's different and think about this- every person who has had crazy success in life has stepped outside of the norms to create their own amazing life. So while it seems like a hippy idea- it's actually resonating with me more and more and I'm realizing that YES why WOULDN'T you want to teach your children how to be responsible adults and to let their creative curiosity guide their knowledge? They are learning at a young age how to set goals and work hard to achieve them! You can read so much more about this on her blog listed down below!

I love when Bethanie started talking about possibility- this isn't an exact quote but she said, "Your life is whatever you believe it is. Your reality is whatever you want it to be! You don't have to focus on sadness- you can create something so much more magical and beautiful- you can create whatever you want to live in. Once you start believing the world is a good place- you start noticing the good even more. Life snowballs in a really great way."

Thank you Bethanie for sharing your story, for being so charming and wonderful and I am so excited to take Disney by storm with you! :)

Mar 7, 2016

Nicole Walters aka "Scoprah" is an amazingly talented and successful business woman who has inspired thousands of people to go after their dreams and achieve a monetized life. What does that mean exactly? It means that no matter how much experience you have in business it is possible to monetize. Whether it be monetizing your appearance and the looks you display on Periscope or monetizing a seemingly fruitless business, she gives people the tools to become financially free through her website and her wildly sought after program 1K1Day. But that's not her whole story. And it's not even the best PART of her story. The thing I love most about Nicole is that she is first and foremost a MOTHER.

Nicole is my age and has three "tinies" as she likes to call them. They are foster daughters she opened her home to when their biological mother was facing struggles with addiction and a period of incarceration. Rather than let these three sisters go into the foster system and possibly be split up she and her husband (or hubbin' as she lovingly refers to him on Periscope) took in all three girls, 16, 13 and 4.

Today she is striving to give them they life they deserve. They have gone from days of not having three square meals to knowing that a college education is possible. They have a home filled with love, structure and knowledge. With Nicole as their foster mother they have doors opening to them daily and the cycle of limiting beliefs they might have been subjected to has been stopped.

One of my favorite moments was realizing that while Nicole is not biologically tied to these daughters, she understands that deep rooted love that comes with parenting. She looks at her girls and doesn't know how anyone can doubt the existence of God- in those girls she sees everything that is beautiful and right with the world. It's a joy that only mothers know. And it proves that children need not be flesh and blood, our souls are linked and that maternal instinct is so inherent and beautiful!

Nicole has achieved large amounts of success in the last 7 months, beginning when she quit her job live on Periscope in front of 10,000 people. She left behind a pretty comfortable job to pursue her dreams of entrepreneurship full time and to give those corporate strategies to regular every day people who were striving for success. People like me. Her passion for what she does is wonderful for two reasons. 1. She really genuinely wants people to be happy and successful in their businesses and lives, and 2. Her motivation for her own success goes far deeper than her own rank or bank balance. She knows that if her girls attend college she'll be the one cutting the check. And even now while they are all home she knows it's imperative they have a loving and comfortable home- complete with black shutters and a red door.

Listen in with us and hear even more about her journey, her struggles in motherhood and how she applies the principles of entrepreneurship to parenting and how you can too!

Thank you Nicole for being an open book and inspiring me and so many others to work hard towards making our dreams come true- as people and especially as mothers! You are truly a MARVELOUS MOM!

Mar 4, 2016

Michelle is Marvelous to me and has been an example of how to nurture some of those characteristics in our children we may not fully understand or appreciate. As a mother with children the same age I have observed how she has dealt with her oldest son and his energetic spirit. I was blown away once when I saw a video she had posted online of her son Carter working with flashcards and naming all the capitals of countries. It could have been one of those moments that made me feel like a failure as a mom but it actually fueled me to work harder and to find out how I could hone some of Connor's skills (since he keeps me on my crazy toes). It led me to buying some really cool technical toys he loved that tapped into that engineering obsession side of his brain. (You can see one of my faves below).

Sometimes we are blessed with gifted children who blow us away with their intellect and sleek learning curve. I love how Michelle described moments when her son asks her questions and she either makes up an answer or says she doesn't know, to which he replies "No mom, this is the right answer." He already knows! Can any of you relate? Do you feel totally unfit to be teaching such bright kids with a quick learning ability? I know that some of the struggles I've had as a parent are from not understanding what to do with all the energy and curiosity of my kids. Not realizing those things that drive me nuts are actually the things that make them completely brilliant! Having people like Michelle to watch helps to realize there is SO much we can do for our skills to enhance their God given talents and traits!

Mar 3, 2016

Hello lovely ladies! Today I'm talking about a reconciliation of sorts that has happened for me emotionally as a mother in the past few days. Before I started this podcast I was a lot like most moms. I catered to my kids, loved getting out of the house and hated cleaning. I still hate cleaning but because I've been so absorbed in the podcast and all that goes with it I haven't been getting out as much. In fact when I go out it's for a REALLY good reason. We don't even go out to eat much anymore. We try to plan our time so carefully that there's little opportunity for wasted moments. And that's not to say we don't have FUN! It's rare but we do watch the occasional movie, we go outside for walks and play at the park, we go shopping etc. But we used to be going out and about EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I would go to Disneyland weekly with my kids by myself. We would have zoo days in San Diego, and during the summer we are at the beach at least 3 days per week. What's changed? I became laser focused on my goals and we have all been so much better for it! We all work hard, we have fun and we value all of our time not just part of it. We love weekends and live for family time and a chance to do things together.

But the other day I realized I sort of miss that spontaneous version of myself that had no cares in the world and could just skip around town, spend hours at Target and go grocery shopping 3 days per week. I miss the unplanned park visits, the play dates with friends and the long Disney days. I love my work- but I love those past moments too. So I'm chatting today about one thing that makes me Marvelous- my ability to have FUN with my kids. And whether that's reading to them or checking out 500 books from the library because I want to teach them ALL the things, or dropping it all to have an adventure day, I just LOVE that I have kids to play with and create memories with!

I'm finding a way right now to bring both worlds together a bit more and to let that spontaneity fly it's flag a bit higher. I can't wait to bring the carefree me and the hard working me together- I think magic will happen...

Mar 2, 2016

Caroline had the traditionally perfect life, great job, healthy family, thriving in every way. But something was missing and she searched out a different path for her life. Today you can find her mothering her two daughters from home as she coaches other moms and helps them build their businesses that work for them! She shifted to a life of purpose and is now living that amazing purpose and helping other women do the same, whether it be a start up or a budding empire, she's using her skills and expertise to empower women all over!

I love when Caroline talked about how she had to learn to receive- learning to receive praise joy, love and God's abundance so that it can overflow from her to her family and children! How easy is it to get hung up on the discomfort of receiving and being blessed? And on the flip side how cool is it to feel the joy that comes from receiving all these things and allowing them to bless us in even bigger ways?

I also love how she touched on the fact that we are actually doing the best we can- it's not all moments we are proud of but we are doing the best we can in the moment. And those moments of "failure" are the ones that push us to become better, kinder and stronger mothers for our children. The growing is all a part of the process!

Something I've been talking a lot about lately is how important it is to love yourself before you can give love to your families and children. I love how Caroline really drove this home and explained how critical it is to take care of ourselves, to be kind to ourselves and to allow that growth to carry over into every aspect of our lives!

Caroline has two amazing books out and it was fun hearing how much thought and meaning went into the covers of each book. Listen in to find out more!

Feb 29, 2016

Jackie is AMAZING and hearing her story reminded me that I should NEVER complain over a headache or mild discomfort in my life. She is battling pain each day with diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis which makes even opening a baby bottle an overwhelming task. Talk about a motivational person who makes me want to be better every time I talk to her!

Jackie and I connected through the marvelous world of Periscope- and if you're still not on there-WHY NOT? You are missing out on some amazing women with incredible stories! All you need to do is follow me and see who I'm following to check out the amazing world of "Scope Sisters" who are encouraging each other and rooting for each other from the comforts of home! You can find me @marvelous_moms and Jackie: @jack_attacks_ra

Jackie has been in tough situations trying to weigh the pros and cons with medication while pregnant and after the birth of her son who came prematurely. She finally came to the point where she no longer wants to rely on medication to make her feel better- she wanted to take her health into her own hands and see if her diet and exercise habits could lead to a healthier and happier body. And I want to say- this cannot be an easy task with a body that screams out in pain when she pushes too hard. The patience that would be required is mind boggling. Don't you just LOVE how strong the women of this podcast are? It inspires me in the deepest way!

I love that Jackie touched on the fact that no matter whether we have an autoimmune disease or NOT we all have a struggle in life, and we all need to learn to love ourselves. "It's ironic that my body hates my body". She firmly believes that her body started believing the words she told herself. I'm so happy she's rewiring her beliefs and realizing how much power she has in her mind! To hear her say those words was so exciting and made me so happy.

Something I love about social media is the ability to follow someone's journey right in the middle of it. I can't wait to see Jackie work hard to accomplish her goals and share her process with us all! You can follow her on her instagram account HERE.

Thank you Jackie for sharing your story with everyone and for being an amazing mommy friend who is dedicated to the same cause! I love you!

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