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Meet Kirsten! I'm the voice behind The Marvelous Mom's Podcast and today I'm talking about the what's why's and who's of the podcast! Prepare for a fun, adventurous and uplifting audio experience that will motivate you to be the mom you always imagined you would be!
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Mar 10, 2017

Melanie is one of those girls who you talk to an instantly feel at ease. She gets motherhood- you know? Really gets it. She is so fun to follow on Instagram because she has these adorable perfect dimples, and four kids who are just as cute! She and I chatted a lot about motherhood and what it looks like today. The expectations, the highs and lows, all of it. She sees this journey for what it is- a sanctifying process that really makes us amazing. She also shares how she's realized the power of magnifying and sharing our talents- not only for our children but for ourselves. As we continue to grow as women, we have so much to share and offer to our children and to the world. I loved everything about this episode, and am so happy to share it with you all!


Mar 9, 2017

PJ is the mother of 8 children that are all homeschooled and help run the family business. They work on a goat farm that produces amazing products from the goat milk they have in excess. PJ transitioned to a natural and organic life for her kids and wanted to feed raw goat milk to her children.  The very act of having the animals added to their homeschool experience and family environment. Realizing the goat milk could be used for more than just consumption, PJ started down a path that has completely changed her life! 

What began as having a few dairy goats turned into a full fledged million dollar business that ships goat milk based products all over the country! 

I loved how she talked about opportunity cost and the value of doing things you should be doing can sacrifice time spent on something actually worthwhile or beneficial! So many nuggets of info here, and that was one that especially stood out. 

Listen to her episode to hear the whole story! It was so great to chat with PJ about her life. She was kind enough to offer a free soap for all my listeners! Head to GOAT MILK STUFF  to get yours! 

Thank you PJ for being a marvelous mom and for sharing your story with all of us! It was so inspiring and fun to listen to! 

Mar 8, 2017

Today you're going to hear a slightly different episode! I let the amazing Whippycake (remember her from episode 79?) interview ME on the podcast!

In honor of International Women's Day I was really excited to share more about my own story as a mompreneur business owner! I love sharing stories of my guests and have been asked a lot lately to share more of my own background and what a day in the life is like for me!

So sit back and relax and enjoy the fun twist on today's episode! Thank you Whippy for being an amazing host!!

Feb 22, 2017

Have I mentioned before how excited I am to have the means and time to travel the world? We're getting closer every day, and talking to people who are actually doing it keeps my fire lit!

I had the chance to sit down with Jessica Gee from The Bucket List Family months ago while she was in Turkey! I was so pleasantly surprised to see how normal she and her family are, in spite of their extraordinary lifestyle!

I was so inspired by Jessica and her family, as well as so impressed about how they spread their happiness with others. They are such a service oriented family and are spreading goodness all around the globe. Jessica and I talked about what it has been like traveling the world with two young children, and what she's looking forward to when they take a break from their travels.

Thank you for taking time between ocean dives and safaris to chat with me Jessica! It was so fun!


Feb 22, 2017

Today's episode is all me, your host, Kirsten (you know me, right?) sending my voice into cyberspace for you to listen. I'm sharing some pretty personal stuff about what life is looking like for me right now and how so many bumps and bruises have led me to a GLORIOUS rainfall! I used to hate rain...ok I still kind of hate rain. I'm a summer soul, born in June and I love the sunshine. Gloomy skies mean gloomy moods for me. So thankfully the rain I'm speaking of is hypothetical, and the best type of rain anyone can hope for. The rain of abundance. After spending a year working harder than I've ever worked, I am reaping some amazing rewards and I wanted to share that with you!

It's only fair to get to hear the good stuff, after sharing some of the struggle along the way, right?

I don't know that I've ever talked this long on my own without a guest, so I hope it proves how much I had in my heart to share! I've tried to record this a few times and today it flowed freely.

So enjoy, find some inspiration (I hope) and peace, knowing that all hard work pays off!

Have a marvelous day!

Feb 15, 2017

To say this episode is long overdue is an understatement-- we recorded it last summer! Jenica and I met at the Elevate bloggers conference and I adored her story, her baby bump and everything about her positive attitude. I asked her then and there to be on the podcast...only to find out she was already booked as a guest! Apparently someone had already referred her to me and we had jumped at the opportunity to chat with her! Even after all that over-preparation we still got behind airing her episode since I wanted to chat with her AFTER her twins were born. Between both of our crazy lives it took months and months to happen. But I know you'll love her story even if it has been a while since she first told it to me!

Jenica went through three rounds of IVF before finally conceiving her twins, Goldie and Harris. She shares the heartbreak and how she got through those staggering times. I think you'll be inspired by her perspective, whether you've experienced her exact trial or not!

Listen and enjoy and share this episode with anyone needing a little pick me up who might be going through the same thing!

Thank you Jenica for sharing your story with us!

Jan 31, 2017

I promise you don't have to have the name Wendy to be a part of this awesome book!

Wendy really helped me gain some serious, needed perspective with my life when we chatted. I'm telling you ladies, I have the BEST job ever!

I was in a place of feeling so incredibly unbalanced with my life. I still feel that way now, but the coolest thing I learned from Wendy is that there is more of a rhythm that happens in life, rather than a perfect balance. The rhythm will change daily, weekly, monthly etc. but as long as we are aware of that we can really feel more balanced! In her words:

"I don't believe in balance. I think we find rhythm in work and family, but never balance, and that's okay. Most of us work full time jobs, and give our family the left overs. That's not balance. Or we become obsessed with our family, and are not able to do well, or enjoy our work- that's not balance either. When we can find a way to love what we're doing, and when we can feel that it is important and making a difference, we're able to be PRESENT in what we're doing, when we're doing it. Rhythm happens when you can be fully present with your family when you're with them, and then fully present with your work, when you're working. Finding rhythm makes seeking balance irrelevant."

Go listen to the rest of our chat to learn more about Wendy and the failures that have led her to success! It's a good one! I mean...aren't they all? I have the most marvelous moms on this podcast!

Jan 30, 2017

Can we all just state the obvious- that I'm the LUCKIEST girl in the world to get to chat with amazing women who also enrich my life with information?

Shelly gave me such an incredible gift a few months ago when she did a health coaching call with me. It was right after that I decided to just get my act together and get my thyroid checked. Since I did have some irregularity it changed my whole life to be able to get the medication I needed to take the right steps towards overall health.

Shelly is so easy to talk to and listen to and I know you'll enjoy today's episode with her! Thank you Shelly!

Keep up with her here:

Facebook group:


Jan 28, 2017

Randi came into my life at a time when I needed her most. Being a busy mompreneur comes at a cost and I had just started homeschooling my oldest son. I was overwhelmed, discouraged and had no idea how to even begin to create the family of my dreams with all these new circumstances!

Soon after our chat on the podcast I was able to take Randi's parenting course and it was AMAZING. Not only was the content informative and broken down into bite sized pieces busy moms can handle, her coaching calls were SO helpful.

Randi has this ability to see things in a different way than you might see them and can really help you dissect every issue you are facing to help you feel like you can conquer your shortcomings and obstacles. Her course will open up again soon, and in the meantime you should definitely check out her coaching!

Thanks Randi for sharing your knowledge and love on the podcast!

Jan 27, 2017

This one was INCREDIBLE to me. So many mothers and stories have come to me on this podcast but none really like this one. We all face extreme obstacles sometimes, and this is a case where those obstacles might have seemed completely insurmountable. Considering how strong the clutches of addiction are- I consider it a miracle when anyone escapes and can create an amazing life. This is a must listen! To hear more from Wendy you can grab a copy of the book- Success Through Failing or attend the summit!

Thank you Wendy for bravely sharing your story, I know it uplifted me and opened my eyes so much!

Jan 26, 2017

Rochelle is the mom of two ADORABLE kids- and there's proof in the photo- am I right? But she wasn't always so certain she'd be able to become a mother! Today we're talking about her mystery illness, what she is doing with her message now and how she balances work and motherhood! 

Jan 13, 2017

The internet is amazing friends- it makes it possible to make friends literally ANYWHERE in the world. And I didn't need to look far to find Allie- she's raising an adorable family in Arkansas, and I only stumbled upon her thanks to a blog post of hers that went viral recently. You've probably heard about her, or read about her rather. She solved every moms problem with her article, and I felt all the good feelings while chatting with her! I was literally thinking to myself the other day how much I hate picking up after my kids. How I know they can learn to pick up after themselves and it's an every day battle- but in the mean time I'm stuck doing it.  Allie had the same moment in her motherhood and stopped to problem solve rather than do what most of us do- follow the same pattern expecting a different result. She realized that the things she was cleaning up every day were her kids toys- and they had way too many of them. So she started on a path that led her to clearing out not only a toy haul, but all the clutter that inundated her life! It left her so bored that she had to change a few things in their family...and you'll have to listen to find out what I'm talking about!

Jan 11, 2017

Finally! A new episode of Marvelous Moms Club! After a busy holiday season I'm so happy to bring you a new episode- and today it's just ME chatting bout my word of the year. Do you have a word of the year? Do you even know what that means? Listen in to see how I'm structuring my year and what I have planned for 2017! And stay tuned for more episodes this week! 

Dec 7, 2016

You know those days as a mom when you are just melting into the floor in despair because you can't handle one more thing? The days you realize maybe you've taken on too much and need to quit it all just to be able to be the perfect mother? I know you've felt that way- whether or not you work or just take on a lot of extra responsibilities in your community, church, etc. The day I sat down to chat with Rhonna was one of those days for me. I had met her once before but it was an instant love, an immediate connection that I was BEYOND grateful to have. I knew before we even got Skype to work that it was going to lift my burden just to talk to her. And of course- she said all the right things and never once made me feel bad for feeling bad!

As she went on to share some incredible, uplifting stories, she warmed my heart even more and helped me see that there is hope beyond my bad days.

Rhonna is famous for her incredible app- Rhonna's Designs. It's been one of the most popular apps in the app store for three years now, and will change. your. life! She's SO talented and has evolved with her field even before it was ready to evolve. Basically she was a pioneer of digital media, online scrapbooking and frankly- doing a LOT with a little.

In an era where it feels like we need ALL the things to be successful, this episode will ground you and help you to realize what is most important, how to make your dreams come true no matter what your circumstance- and it will just leave you feeling AWESOME.

Rhonna is by far one of the wisest, sweetest women I've had the pleasure of knowing and I can't wait for you to get to know her more through this episode! Thank you for sharing your heart with us you beautiful woman!

Keep up with Rhonna on Instagram and all the places- you won't be sorry!

Dec 5, 2016

Wendy is a powerhouse woman, full of knowledge and inspiration! She reached out to me a few months ago to see if I wanted to be a part of a really amazing project- a contributing author in a book called Success Through Failing. I asked her for more info- mostly to find out if I was even successful enough to be a part of this group of 25 women who would be sharing their journeys.  With her wisdom and love she helped me realize that there is no end date with success- it's a constant process, and the things I have done in my life thus far are actually giant successes!  Also- failures. I know there have been many and there will be many more.  My heart totally burned with conviction as she explained the mission of this book and I knew I had to be involved! 

Wendy's mission that started a few years ago is to help heal the hearts and minds of women.  She has worked hard to spread her message and is taking it a step further with this book. Wendy is sharing a bit of her story, how and why she created From Critical to Confident- her full time business.  Also listen to hear how that business evolved into an idea for a book. 

I am SO excited to be a part of this project and know you will be insanely uplifted by each chapter! I will be featuring several guests from the book over the course of the next few months as we prepare for the release of the book in February! Come follow along on Facebook and get a ticket for the book launch where you can come hear several of the authors speak! 

Thank you Wendy for not only being a guest on the podcast but for considering me successful enough to be a contributing author of this wonderful book! Everyone stay tuned for more info! 

Dec 2, 2016

Chelsie wrote this amazing book- Before There Was You and when I saw the back cover of the book- I knew she had to be on the podcast!

She is a born writer with a passion for her kids, which shines through in her poem turned children's book. I was insanely impressed when I realized she also illustrated the book- beautiful vibrant relatable illustrations that make it a favorite on my bookshelf!

Today we are talking about her life as a blogger and how that propelled her into writing her own book. She's telling all about how it came to pass, what she hopes her kids will learn from her and most importantly- what makes her a marvelous mom!

Come listen in to be inspired and reminded how spectacular it is to be a mother!

And go get Chelsie's book ASAP!

Nov 30, 2016

Emily not only has a thriving business but a thriving family as well! Emily is a mom of three including a set of twins after struggling for years with infertility.

Not only has she had a journey growing her amazing family, she has also taken baby steps to grow her incredible business into what it is now. She had to throw "planning" out the window at a certain point in her story, against her nature to constantly plan- and the fact that her job was literally to make planners.

Emily is truly a sweet person and you'll adore every moment of this episode. So easy to talk to, so inspiring and she really brings home all the feelings that come with being a devoted mother who is also devoted to her business.

Emily is also the author of Grace Not Perfection, which really sums up the struggle we all feel when it comes to being "perfect parents" or "perfect business owner" or really- perfect ANYTHING!

I always have guests appear in my life right when I need them- which I consider a huge bonus of what I do- but I am always happy to share these messages and moments with the rest of you!

Thank you Emily for reminding me to give grace to myself, my family and my calling!

Nov 28, 2016

Nellie's amazing message is perfect for moms in all walks of life- but especially the mompreneurs out there listening!  It's always inspiring to hear stories from women who have really conquered the world so to speak- and have tremendous knowledge to share with the rest of us!  Nellie is and has been an entrepreneur, along with her husband, for their entire marriage. 

They created a successful company in the 90's, and proceeded to sell it for 20 million dollars. Too young and energetic to retire, they decided to start again and create another successful business, this time in the social media age! 

Nellie talks a lot about how she gets it all done, what her kids expect from she and her husband (it might surprise you) and how she deals with mom guilt! 

This is a great one for the aspiring entrepreneur, or someone seasoned and needing a little pick me up! 

Thanks Nellie for your words of wisdom! 


Nov 23, 2016

Cara warms my heart and without a doubt will warm all of your hearts before this episode is over! Motherhood is such an interesting thing and sometimes comes with all kinds of unexpected emotions.

So many women have come on my podcast knowing they were destined for motherhood, whereas some had no idea if mothering would be innate or awesome for them. Cara is one of the latter, but quickly discovered she is meant for motherhood. She has given birth to two gorgeous kids, but didn't stop there! Feeling an empty space in her heart, she realized someone in her family was missing. She knew someday she would foster and adopt children, but soon realized it was going to happen sooner than later. Listen in to hear all about the past year of Cara's life as she stepped onto a path that has made her life magnificently different!

Nov 21, 2016

Ladies, you are in for a treat today. My guest, the fabulous Cara Brook of Maskcara is amazing and she's sharing all about how she started her wildly successful makeup line. How many people do you know that have started their own makeup line from the ground up? Cara has known for most of her life that this was her dream, and she's worked her tail off to make it a reality.

In part one of her interview she is sharing in depth her entire entrepreneurial journey up to this point. The moments that seemed completely insurmountable coupled with more success than she ever banked on!

Get your notepad ready because Cara drops some serious knowledge and tools to succeed and you will absolutely love this episode! Thanks Cara for hanging out with me and reminiscing about our awkward middle school and high school days. I, for one, am very glad you didn't peak in high school!


Nov 18, 2016

Claire- I LOVED chatting with you. You are such a rock solid mom who has totally come out of the trenches with a smile on your face!  I am so happy to share this episode with you all- Claire is truly a beautiful soul with so many stories to share! Claire has six children- which she didn't think was going to be her reality due to the fact that her husband had testicular cancer years before.  Two of her children are twins, which is a handful in and of itself!  She also has learned to work around the struggles that come from having three of her six children on the autism spectrum.  Sometimes peeking inside someone's life is completely jaw dropping, and that's how I felt listening to Claire.  These crazy moments and experiences haven't broken her- instead they have made her the totally marvelous mom she is today! This is a MUST LISTEN moms! Enjoy!

Nov 16, 2016

I first heard Jen's story on one of my favorite podcasts- Boss Mom.  Hearing bits of her journey into motherhood made me emotional and I knew I had to share it here with you, my wonderful Marvelous Moms Club!  


It's crazy how struggles can literally bring us to our knees, or onto the bathroom floor in Jen's case, but bring us to the most incredible miracles of our lives. I will never fully comprehend the need for such pain, but I glimpse it when I realize how richly we are blessed, and wonder if we'd know how special certain things are, without first struggling.  Infertility is one of the most painful things I've witnessed my own friends experience, and Jen's story is the perfect depiction of all the emotions that come along with it. 

Finally finding herself the recipient of a total "old fashioned miracle" as she wrote to me, she cherishes every day of motherhood.  You won't be able to help but smile as you hear her talk about her sweet Eleanor and how cute she is with her cheeks so big she topples over! 


Jen is also a pretty awesome podcaster over at She Percolates, and the concept of this podcast is so cool to me.  As entrepreneurs or even just people we tend to lack the feeling of success, even when we have achieved success! Her podcast celebrates women in every stage of success and reminds us to own our accomplishments. I love the message there, so go check out that podcast when you're done listening to this one! 


Thanks so much for sharing so much of your heart Jen! It was such an awesome chat! 



Nov 11, 2016

Oh Alycia- I could talk to you for days on end and it wouldn't be enough! Less than a year ago I had no idea this blogger world existed, but when I discovered it, I quickly found the ones who really touched a nerve, who made me happy and who I just LOVED. Alycia is one of those.

I caught her on Periscope one day talking about how difficult it is to make friends as an adult- and I knew I had to talk to her. And while that's not what we really focus on here on this episode- I want everyone listening to know how quickly people connect with you and love you when you're vulnerable. It opens doors, makes friendships and leads to awesome episodes like this one!

Alycia has been blogging since the beginning and keeps her space of the internet very happy and party-like, hence the title of her blog Crowley Party. I always appreciate someone making cyberspace a little bit nicer and naturally I love Alycia. Have I mentioned that already?

From the ups and downs of having a life on social media, to the unappreciated skills we both had as kids- you'll learn a lot on this episode! And Alycia is giving away a copy of her awesome e-book to everyone! Blogging At the Next Level is awesome and I'm so happy Alycia is giving this to ALL of you!

Keep up with Alycia over on her blog:!

Thanks Alycia- love you so much!

Nov 9, 2016

Briana immediately hit my radar when I found her podcast- because I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for other podcasters doing what I do! I was so happy to see that she is also sharing stories that empower people, uplift them and just bring overall good vibrations into the world!

Briana has quite a touching personal story. As the mother of five children, she already has a full plate, but on top of that she works full time to support her family since her husband suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. She stumbled into the world of podcasting after a round table podcasting class at a blogger conference. She realized it would be the most ideal way for her to share not only her story, but other inspiring stories.

I fell in love with Briana and felt like it was Destiny when she told me one of her daughter's names. You'll have to listen to find out why.

Thanks Briana for stepping up to the other side of the interview! It was so fun to chat with you!

Go follow Life Beats Project and subscribe to her podcast!

Nov 4, 2016

Rachel came and shared stories of motherhood from a very different perspective on today's episode. We always listen to personal accounts of motherhood from the mothers themselves, but today we are getting a glimpse into a mother's life from her daughter. Rachel spent most of her growing up years with a mother who battled cancer. Her mother fought a long fight and was determined to see her three daughters raised. Rachel is sharing some very tender and touching moments today that will remind you to cherish each day, be grateful for the life you have and to appreciate your own mother.

I love so many things about this episode including the ideas to write letters to your children, to journal and record yourself in many formats for your children to enjoy. I am so honored to have had Rachel share these sweet moments and memories with us here on the podcast and know you'll love listening!

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