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Meet Kirsten! I'm the voice behind The Marvelous Mom's Podcast and today I'm talking about the what's why's and who's of the podcast! Prepare for a fun, adventurous and uplifting audio experience that will motivate you to be the mom you always imagined you would be!
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Dec 7, 2016

You know those days as a mom when you are just melting into the floor in despair because you can't handle one more thing? The days you realize maybe you've taken on too much and need to quit it all just to be able to be the perfect mother? I know you've felt that way- whether or not you work or just take on a lot of extra responsibilities in your community, church, etc. The day I sat down to chat with Rhonna was one of those days for me. I had met her once before but it was an instant love, an immediate connection that I was BEYOND grateful to have. I knew before we even got Skype to work that it was going to lift my burden just to talk to her. And of course- she said all the right things and never once made me feel bad for feeling bad!

As she went on to share some incredible, uplifting stories, she warmed my heart even more and helped me see that there is hope beyond my bad days.

Rhonna is famous for her incredible app- Rhonna's Designs. It's been one of the most popular apps in the app store for three years now, and will change. your. life! She's SO talented and has evolved with her field even before it was ready to evolve. Basically she was a pioneer of digital media, online scrapbooking and frankly- doing a LOT with a little.

In an era where it feels like we need ALL the things to be successful, this episode will ground you and help you to realize what is most important, how to make your dreams come true no matter what your circumstance- and it will just leave you feeling AWESOME.

Rhonna is by far one of the wisest, sweetest women I've had the pleasure of knowing and I can't wait for you to get to know her more through this episode! Thank you for sharing your heart with us you beautiful woman!

Keep up with Rhonna on Instagram and all the places- you won't be sorry!

Dec 5, 2016

Wendy is a powerhouse woman, full of knowledge and inspiration! She reached out to me a few months ago to see if I wanted to be a part of a really amazing project- a contributing author in a book called Success Through Failing. I asked her for more info- mostly to find out if I was even successful enough to be a part of this group of 25 women who would be sharing their journeys.  With her wisdom and love she helped me realize that there is no end date with success- it's a constant process, and the things I have done in my life thus far are actually giant successes!  Also- failures. I know there have been many and there will be many more.  My heart totally burned with conviction as she explained the mission of this book and I knew I had to be involved! 

Wendy's mission that started a few years ago is to help heal the hearts and minds of women.  She has worked hard to spread her message and is taking it a step further with this book. Wendy is sharing a bit of her story, how and why she created From Critical to Confident- her full time business.  Also listen to hear how that business evolved into an idea for a book. 

I am SO excited to be a part of this project and know you will be insanely uplifted by each chapter! I will be featuring several guests from the book over the course of the next few months as we prepare for the release of the book in February! Come follow along on Facebook and get a ticket for the book launch where you can come hear several of the authors speak! 

Thank you Wendy for not only being a guest on the podcast but for considering me successful enough to be a contributing author of this wonderful book! Everyone stay tuned for more info! 

Dec 2, 2016

Chelsie wrote this amazing book- Before There Was You and when I saw the back cover of the book- I knew she had to be on the podcast!

She is a born writer with a passion for her kids, which shines through in her poem turned children's book. I was insanely impressed when I realized she also illustrated the book- beautiful vibrant relatable illustrations that make it a favorite on my bookshelf!

Today we are talking about her life as a blogger and how that propelled her into writing her own book. She's telling all about how it came to pass, what she hopes her kids will learn from her and most importantly- what makes her a marvelous mom!

Come listen in to be inspired and reminded how spectacular it is to be a mother!

And go get Chelsie's book ASAP!

Nov 30, 2016

Emily not only has a thriving business but a thriving family as well! Emily is a mom of three including a set of twins after struggling for years with infertility.

Not only has she had a journey growing her amazing family, she has also taken baby steps to grow her incredible business into what it is now. She had to throw "planning" out the window at a certain point in her story, against her nature to constantly plan- and the fact that her job was literally to make planners.

Emily is truly a sweet person and you'll adore every moment of this episode. So easy to talk to, so inspiring and she really brings home all the feelings that come with being a devoted mother who is also devoted to her business.

Emily is also the author of Grace Not Perfection, which really sums up the struggle we all feel when it comes to being "perfect parents" or "perfect business owner" or really- perfect ANYTHING!

I always have guests appear in my life right when I need them- which I consider a huge bonus of what I do- but I am always happy to share these messages and moments with the rest of you!

Thank you Emily for reminding me to give grace to myself, my family and my calling!

Nov 28, 2016

Nellie's amazing message is perfect for moms in all walks of life- but especially the mompreneurs out there listening!  It's always inspiring to hear stories from women who have really conquered the world so to speak- and have tremendous knowledge to share with the rest of us!  Nellie is and has been an entrepreneur, along with her husband, for their entire marriage. 

They created a successful company in the 90's, and proceeded to sell it for 20 million dollars. Too young and energetic to retire, they decided to start again and create another successful business, this time in the social media age! 

Nellie talks a lot about how she gets it all done, what her kids expect from she and her husband (it might surprise you) and how she deals with mom guilt! 

This is a great one for the aspiring entrepreneur, or someone seasoned and needing a little pick me up! 

Thanks Nellie for your words of wisdom! 


Nov 23, 2016

Cara warms my heart and without a doubt will warm all of your hearts before this episode is over! Motherhood is such an interesting thing and sometimes comes with all kinds of unexpected emotions.

So many women have come on my podcast knowing they were destined for motherhood, whereas some had no idea if mothering would be innate or awesome for them. Cara is one of the latter, but quickly discovered she is meant for motherhood. She has given birth to two gorgeous kids, but didn't stop there! Feeling an empty space in her heart, she realized someone in her family was missing. She knew someday she would foster and adopt children, but soon realized it was going to happen sooner than later. Listen in to hear all about the past year of Cara's life as she stepped onto a path that has made her life magnificently different!

Nov 21, 2016

Ladies, you are in for a treat today. My guest, the fabulous Cara Brook of Maskcara is amazing and she's sharing all about how she started her wildly successful makeup line. How many people do you know that have started their own makeup line from the ground up? Cara has known for most of her life that this was her dream, and she's worked her tail off to make it a reality.

In part one of her interview she is sharing in depth her entire entrepreneurial journey up to this point. The moments that seemed completely insurmountable coupled with more success than she ever banked on!

Get your notepad ready because Cara drops some serious knowledge and tools to succeed and you will absolutely love this episode! Thanks Cara for hanging out with me and reminiscing about our awkward middle school and high school days. I, for one, am very glad you didn't peak in high school!


Nov 18, 2016

Claire- I LOVED chatting with you. You are such a rock solid mom who has totally come out of the trenches with a smile on your face!  I am so happy to share this episode with you all- Claire is truly a beautiful soul with so many stories to share! Claire has six children- which she didn't think was going to be her reality due to the fact that her husband had testicular cancer years before.  Two of her children are twins, which is a handful in and of itself!  She also has learned to work around the struggles that come from having three of her six children on the autism spectrum.  Sometimes peeking inside someone's life is completely jaw dropping, and that's how I felt listening to Claire.  These crazy moments and experiences haven't broken her- instead they have made her the totally marvelous mom she is today! This is a MUST LISTEN moms! Enjoy!

Nov 16, 2016

I first heard Jen's story on one of my favorite podcasts- Boss Mom.  Hearing bits of her journey into motherhood made me emotional and I knew I had to share it here with you, my wonderful Marvelous Moms Club!  


It's crazy how struggles can literally bring us to our knees, or onto the bathroom floor in Jen's case, but bring us to the most incredible miracles of our lives. I will never fully comprehend the need for such pain, but I glimpse it when I realize how richly we are blessed, and wonder if we'd know how special certain things are, without first struggling.  Infertility is one of the most painful things I've witnessed my own friends experience, and Jen's story is the perfect depiction of all the emotions that come along with it. 

Finally finding herself the recipient of a total "old fashioned miracle" as she wrote to me, she cherishes every day of motherhood.  You won't be able to help but smile as you hear her talk about her sweet Eleanor and how cute she is with her cheeks so big she topples over! 


Jen is also a pretty awesome podcaster over at She Percolates, and the concept of this podcast is so cool to me.  As entrepreneurs or even just people we tend to lack the feeling of success, even when we have achieved success! Her podcast celebrates women in every stage of success and reminds us to own our accomplishments. I love the message there, so go check out that podcast when you're done listening to this one! 


Thanks so much for sharing so much of your heart Jen! It was such an awesome chat! 



Nov 11, 2016

Oh Alycia- I could talk to you for days on end and it wouldn't be enough! Less than a year ago I had no idea this blogger world existed, but when I discovered it, I quickly found the ones who really touched a nerve, who made me happy and who I just LOVED. Alycia is one of those.

I caught her on Periscope one day talking about how difficult it is to make friends as an adult- and I knew I had to talk to her. And while that's not what we really focus on here on this episode- I want everyone listening to know how quickly people connect with you and love you when you're vulnerable. It opens doors, makes friendships and leads to awesome episodes like this one!

Alycia has been blogging since the beginning and keeps her space of the internet very happy and party-like, hence the title of her blog Crowley Party. I always appreciate someone making cyberspace a little bit nicer and naturally I love Alycia. Have I mentioned that already?

From the ups and downs of having a life on social media, to the unappreciated skills we both had as kids- you'll learn a lot on this episode! And Alycia is giving away a copy of her awesome e-book to everyone! Blogging At the Next Level is awesome and I'm so happy Alycia is giving this to ALL of you!

Keep up with Alycia over on her blog:!

Thanks Alycia- love you so much!

Nov 9, 2016

Briana immediately hit my radar when I found her podcast- because I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for other podcasters doing what I do! I was so happy to see that she is also sharing stories that empower people, uplift them and just bring overall good vibrations into the world!

Briana has quite a touching personal story. As the mother of five children, she already has a full plate, but on top of that she works full time to support her family since her husband suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. She stumbled into the world of podcasting after a round table podcasting class at a blogger conference. She realized it would be the most ideal way for her to share not only her story, but other inspiring stories.

I fell in love with Briana and felt like it was Destiny when she told me one of her daughter's names. You'll have to listen to find out why.

Thanks Briana for stepping up to the other side of the interview! It was so fun to chat with you!

Go follow Life Beats Project and subscribe to her podcast!

Nov 4, 2016

Rachel came and shared stories of motherhood from a very different perspective on today's episode. We always listen to personal accounts of motherhood from the mothers themselves, but today we are getting a glimpse into a mother's life from her daughter. Rachel spent most of her growing up years with a mother who battled cancer. Her mother fought a long fight and was determined to see her three daughters raised. Rachel is sharing some very tender and touching moments today that will remind you to cherish each day, be grateful for the life you have and to appreciate your own mother.

I love so many things about this episode including the ideas to write letters to your children, to journal and record yourself in many formats for your children to enjoy. I am so honored to have had Rachel share these sweet moments and memories with us here on the podcast and know you'll love listening!

Nov 2, 2016

Ashleigh is the host of the podcast Mompreneur on Fire, which is how I found her! I love my fellow podcasters and admire anyone taking the time to share inspiring and informative messages through this wonderful medium.

Ashleigh started out the year 2016 with determination to not just set resolutions, but actual goals that she was committed to achieving. And hearing her voice, you know she's made up her mind. She has owned this year, had some exponential growth and has truly made it HER YEAR!

I am happy to share this episode with you, and hope you'll go listen to even more of Ashleigh on her podcast!

Thanks Ashlee for being a guest and sitting on the other end of the interview to share your experiences with my listeners!


Oct 26, 2016

Shannon has quickly become one of my favorite people to follow on social media because I know how AMAZING she is! I got to know her a little bit from Periscope when it was in it's hay day, and now I keep up with her through Instagram. She shares such raw beautiful content and makes me feel so PROUD to be a mother, so motivated to do my best and really brings together all the most beautiful elements of motherhood! Her happiness in her role of mother is contagious, and her perspective as an E.R. pediatric nurse will remind you how much we need to cherish our amazing children! 


Enjoy my chat with Shannon, it will be the most heart warming tender thing you'll listen to all day! Thank you beautiful friend, for sharing pieces of your sweet heart and happiness with us! 

Oct 19, 2016

Chatting with a fellow podcaster is ALWAYS a treat and Lesley did not disappoint! She podcasts over at Coffee+Crumbs, which is a spinoff of one of my favorite blogs on the internet. If you need a good mom cry (and haven't cried too much from episodes here) Coffee+Crumbs is the place to go. Raw, vulnerable mommy content at its finest!

Lesley has such a sweet story and shares about her writing background, and the miracle surrounding the birth of her two youngest children.

My favorite aspect of podcasting is having those "me too" moments..and talking with Lesley was a series of those moments. Listen in to our mom chat to fall in love with Lesley like I did, and to remember that you are not alone in the crazy journey of motherhood!

Oct 10, 2016

Kindle is one of those people you just INSTANTLY love. It could be her charming demeanor, or the way she can melt your heart and make you laugh all in one sentence. Or maybe it's the fact that in spite of how incredible her story is, she's still relatable, in a really spectacular way. Whatever it is that makes me love her, I guarantee you will love her too!

Her story is heart wrenching, faith testing and empowering, and she is the definition of Marvelous Mom. And here's what I want everyone to realize- being marvelous does not mean being perfect. It means fully embracing your motherhood, feeling gratitude for your children and your divine role as their mother.

Grab a box of tissues and prepare to ugly cry. This is a story of faith in God, faith in the fact that He truly hears prayers and answers them, and that we are all worthy of amazing blessings!

Enjoy this episode brought to you by the Retail Arbitrage Course, where you can learn to make money every time you go shopping!

Oct 6, 2016

Today's episode is short and sweet and might explain a little bit more about why I started Marvelous Moms and what the last year has been like for me personally! As the host of the podcast I rarely talk much about my own personal journey, but today felt it was important to catch you up on where we are at in our million dollar goal, why I've fallen behind and how I am getting my act back together! Whether you are a new listener or old one, this is meant to inspire you and remind you that we are all human- but we are capable of being AMAZING MARVELOUS MOMS!

And today's episode is sponsored by the Amazon FBA Course- to learn how you can make a full time living from the comforts of home, check out!

Sep 28, 2016

Several months ago I was on my favorite social media platform, Periscope, when a new person popped up and everyone invited me to watch her live streams. I had never heard of her, didn't know her story (because I was living under a rock somewhere that Instagram didn't exist apparently), but I instantly loved her. Who was this beautiful red head with five children, and how on earth did she seem so calm and sweet with FIVE children under the age of five running around? I got to know Emily a lot through watching her Periscopes, and we became "social media friends", which was wonderful. She would come on my periscopes and laugh and leave supportive comments as I tried to show everyone my make-up regimen that consisted of 3 year old lip liners and half broken brushes. I thought, hey, this girl is really sweet and fun, I should have her on the podcast sharing some mom tips since she's clearly got some things figured out to have had so many kids in such a short time! I had no idea, none whatsoever, that she was battling the hardest year of her life.

Because I had been living under a rock, I had never read her blog, didn't know that her husband Martin was suffering from Stage 4 Melanoma. I didn't know that on top of taking care of five kids, she was taking care of a terminally ill husband, maintaining a blog and keeping a smile on her face. I just thought she was an adorable, carefree mom with the standard life we all seem to live. When I started reading more on her blog, I was devastated for her. I almost felt embarrassed that I had asked her to be on the podcast, not realizing how difficult life was for her. I watched with thousands of other people as her life continued to become weighed down with sorrow, and cried my eyes out when I found out her sweet husband had passed away just days before Father's Day.

You never know how to talk to someone when they are in grief, or at least I don't. I prayed for Emily like everyone else, and let her know I was there. Fast forward a few months, and now I can't go a day without talking to her. She's become one of my soul sister friends, the kind that you just know you knew before. I'd always heard Emily was sweet and kind, but until I met her in real life, I didn't realize truly how special she is. And not only is she the most patient, mellow mother, she is HILARIOUS and we keep each other laughing on a daily basis, which I have always thought is the best medicine...

Emily came to visit me this past weekend with all five of those amazing kids, and we stole a little time after they were all in bed to finally have this podcast interview. I'm honored to be able to share a little more insight into what the last year and a half were like for Emily, the moments she didn't feel ready to share on her blog, the stories behind the stories. I know it's been overwhelming to share everything in the middle of her turmoil, and she's always striven to keep her blog positive, faith-filled and amazing. So grab some tissues- I promise you will need them, and if you haven't already, prepare to fall head over heels in love with this absolutely Marvelous Mom, Emily Meyers.

Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to catch all the new episodes!

I love sharing these stories with you, and all of them hold a piece of my heart!


Sep 21, 2016

I'm slowly realizing and learning and most entrepreneurship is born first by filling a personal need, then realizing more people need the information or skill we have gained.  That is true of Leah's story, who upon realizing her daughter had food allergies, decided to look deeper into what might be the source of this new and growing problem.  She turned to organic products not only for food, but for clothing and household items we are using every day that we may not realize contribute to our overall health. My mind was blown at some of the facts she shared about pesticides on cotton!  

Leah found that most organic products were boring and bland and went on to create Island Picnic, where she sells amazing and CUTE organic products! She also helps educate others who are on the same path with children who have food allergies.  She has such a great positive attitude and it was so eye opening to hear about how she's had to educate not only herself and her daughter, but the school and those who spend the most time with her daughter! 

Come listen to Leah's story and check out her blog at! 

Sep 14, 2016

I met Vanessa at a blogger conference where she shared not only her story of how she and her husband created Chatbooks, but her love for music and her incredible singing talent!  As a mother of seven she inspired me and I knew I had to share her story with the rest of you.  She's the example of following your dream to be an amazing mother, while also being true to your heart and pursuing the other talents and passions you were blessed with.  It can be so easy to get stuck in the rut of motherhood or to feel like you are betraying your family by having other hobbies or joys, but what most of us who follow that calling find, it can actually make us better mothers! It's all about feeling fulfilled and finding a type of balance that fits who you are as an individual and as a mother into one fantastic life. And Vanessa never pretends to have it all together or to have mastered it perfectly. She has given up some of her endeavors to pursue others. But she is an example of listening to that inner voice that tells you it's ok to love more than one thing.

Enjoy today's episode, it's really just a chat between moms, about being a mom and all the highs and lows that come with every phase of motherhood!  Enjoy! And thank you Vanessa for treating us to a sneak peek into your life! 

Sep 7, 2016

Hello marvelous moms! Welcome to a brand new season of Marvelous Moms Club! New guests, new stories, with the same inspirational purpose and mission. The podcast and everything that goes with it is here to remind you that you are marvelous, that you are the most amazing momma to your kids and that you are capable of anything and everything! This season we really want to nurture you, to be the support you need as you navigate this crazy world of motherhood. So sit back, relax and listen in as mothers from all over the world share their stories with you!


Aug 17, 2016

Something new is happening on the podcast- our first ever male guest! I don't make this allowance for just anyone, in fact I never have. But Dan's new website and mission, Stiry, is too important to ignore. And I've had the amazing opportunity to work with him to sponsor today's story.

When I started Marvelous Moms Club it was to do the very thing Stiry is doing, but more directly for mothers. Sharing good on the internet and sharing people's stories. I see the good it has done, how it inspires others to work past defeat and tragedy and I know personally this has moved my own personal mountains.

It is with joy that I share today's story of the day with you, as well as an in depth look at how and why Stiry was created!

Check it out and enjoy! See you back here for new episodes in September!


Aug 8, 2016

Hey moms! I hope you are surviving the summer and looking forward to the consistency the beginning of school will bring! I know I am!

I can't wait to do school drop off, have some more time to get things done without the pressure of entertaining everyone and to have a set schedule again! Summer, I LOVE you but it's time for you to go now! Anyone else agree?

Today I'm sharing all about the Marvelous Moms Club Inner Circle and how you can get some amazing discounts and bonuses from being a member! It's something I've been really excited to offer and we have some amazing opportunities in there for all of you to enjoy!

Also- I know how many of you are wanting a little extra money. How great would it be to put in some work for a month or two and then reap the benefits of that work for the next year? Maybe more? Do you want more for a vacation? A really awesome Christmas? Maybe you need a bigger car or home but it's just not in the budget? I've talked about it before but I'll tell you about it again- AMAZON! It can honestly change your life, and we've been able to change ours just from selling some items on Amazon!

It's Amazon week for us and we have awesome ways to win a $50 Amazon gift card just for tuning in and learning more about what we do and how you could do it too! Head to to learn more!

And make sure you head to to join the inner circle and start learning and saving today!

Have a marvelous day mommies!


Aug 5, 2016

You know that mom, the one you're like "How is she just SO cool? Can I be that cool or was she just born with that cool factor?" That for me is moms like Kimi. She stands out, she's not afraid to be authentic, original and it's impossible to not like her. I love her unique style, her attitude of fun and the mother she is to her two teenage sons! It is with CRAZY excitement that I share this interview with the "cool" mom in my hood, Kimi!  Not only is she a cool mom but she's a cool person. She's in a band, she goes to concerts with her kids and is an avid Coachella attendee, her boys will tell you at any given time music is blasting through the house, need I say more? Oh wait, I can. She's been in a movie! So rockstar, movie star and now, Marvelous Mom's Star! 

Aug 3, 2016

Candace's blog speaks to my soul. I found her on instagram and this memory came rushing back. A memory from before I was a mother and people told me everything would change. I'd never be able to travel, to do ANYTHING fun again because now it would all be about my kids. That wasn't fun to hear! And I didn't believe it when I heard it. I believed then and still believe now that we can have a lot of luxe in our lives, even with kids. In fact, they are the ones who make all those things 10X better!

Candace's blog will show you how to still be fabulous and have a great time with your family. No need to settle for mediocrity or blah...make it luxe...with kids!

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