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Meet Kirsten! I'm the voice behind The Marvelous Mom's Podcast and today I'm talking about the what's why's and who's of the podcast! Prepare for a fun, adventurous and uplifting audio experience that will motivate you to be the mom you always imagined you would be!
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Oct 11, 2017

Hey everyone! I've got Desiree Ward on the podcast and she is the creator of the Mom Conference. It is NEXT WEEK and I'm so excited to share this event with you. I have the opportunity to speak with lots of amazing people about different aspects of motherhood! You can watch the live event for FREE at home in your PJs snuggling with your babes. This is something you don't want to miss. We all need a refresher on our mom knowledge and education! Click my link to get your spot. HURRY!

Sep 29, 2017

Today's episode is a sweet treat - in more ways than one! Emily Scanlan works from home as a baker of cupcakes, cookies, and all the yummy things. She's also been through an interesting marital situation. Listen to the episode to find out what I mean!

Sep 21, 2017

Not many of us can say we've been critiqued in the tabloids, but Melisa Osmond found herself in the spotlight in a very unwelcome way. She married into a well-known family (can you guess which one?) and lives a mostly normal life. She never imagined that strangers could be so mean online! Even if you haven't been the target of cyber-bullying, we've all been victim of negative criticism at some point or another. Melisa shares how she overcame the hate in today's episode! She knows what you've been through and can say "Me, too."

Sep 18, 2017

Staci has been through her fair share of trials and has come through them with strength and grace. Faced with the challenges of an unfaithful partner and a brand new baby girl, she made the difficult choice to leave and start over for the sake of her daughter. Staci accomplished big goals while being a single mom! Since then she has remarried and now she knows what it's like to be with someone who treats her the way she deserves to be treated.

Sep 8, 2017

Naimah Shaw is a mother to four kids and a successful blogger. She was born and raised in Guyana, South America. She home schools her kids and has always loved being a writer and sharing her passions!

Sep 7, 2017

Chelsea Andersen is mother to four kids. Her oldest son is in his early 20s and this episode focuses a little bit on a trial they went through with him as a family! Even when things seem horrible, it is possible to find beauty in everything.

Sep 6, 2017

I met Natalie through Periscope last year and she has an amazing story! So many of you have been through heart wrenching experiences and it's beyond comforting to know you're not the only one. We all have our trials, but the struggles that come with a newborn baby are unmatched when that sweet baby has serious health problems! If you need a little more inspiration in your day… this episode is for you.

Jun 21, 2017

Jen has seven children ranging from the ages of 5-27. For the past few years, she has dealt with chronic pain and illness that makes it tough to be a good mom. But she's just as marvelous as the rest of us! She writes a blog, Chronically Positive Mom, that is geared toward helping other sick moms find ways to cope with the struggles of illness during motherhood. Not only that, she has a book coming out on June 23! It's called "The Sick Mom's Guide® to Having Fun Again: If I can do it, you can too!" and you should totally check it out.

Jun 7, 2017

Jen Riday is the host of a podcast called Vibrant Happy Women, and she is the epitome of that name!

Ladies, be aware that major creative and special sparks flew during this episode. The synergy that can happen on a podcast interview is kind of amazing. I LOVED Jen when she interviewed me on her podcast, and loved her even more when I had the chance to chat with her for an episode of MY podcast! She is a remarkable insightful woman and you would be smart to follow her podcast as well as this one.

We talked a lot about motherhood and how imperative it is that we create joy in the center of our homes. I LOVED how she compared mothers to the sun, with planets- our kids and spouses- orbiting around us, and how if we are happy it effects that orbit and energy. It's the phrase, happy wife happy life, right? But a lot more spectacular than that.

The best thing that happened on this episode was the validation of how IMPORTANT it is to take care of myself before I can take care of my family. Following my dreams, passions and desires only makes me better, it doesn't take away that love I have for my children!

Meditation is something I have been thinking about, as well as this craving for yoga, and Jen brought all of it right to me with her belief that an hour of yoga is as good as weekend away.

Thank you Jen for having such a great conversation with me, sharing your insight as a mother of 6 children and proponent of happiness and vibrance!

May 17, 2017

You might recognize the name Al Carraway from her book "More Than the Tattooed Mormon." She is a writer, public speaker, and mother to two young children: Gracie and Christian. Despite flunking public speaking class, Al now speaks multiple times a week and has won awards for her speaking. In her episode, she talks about her faith and how it has pushed her to be who she is.

Feb 15, 2017

To say this episode is long overdue is an understatement-- we recorded it last summer! Jenica and I met at the Elevate bloggers conference and I adored her story, her baby bump and everything about her positive attitude. I asked her then and there to be on the podcast...only to find out she was already booked as a guest! Apparently someone had already referred her to me and we had jumped at the opportunity to chat with her! Even after all that over-preparation we still got behind airing her episode since I wanted to chat with her AFTER her twins were born. Between both of our crazy lives it took months and months to happen. But I know you'll love her story even if it has been a while since she first told it to me!

Jenica went through three rounds of IVF before finally conceiving her twins, Goldie and Harris. She shares the heartbreak and how she got through those staggering times. I think you'll be inspired by her perspective, whether you've experienced her exact trial or not!

Listen and enjoy and share this episode with anyone needing a little pick me up who might be going through the same thing!

Thank you Jenica for sharing your story with us!

Jan 28, 2017

Randi came into my life at a time when I needed her most. Being a busy mompreneur comes at a cost and I had just started homeschooling my oldest son. I was overwhelmed, discouraged and had no idea how to even begin to create the family of my dreams with all these new circumstances!

Soon after our chat on the podcast I was able to take Randi's parenting course and it was AMAZING. Not only was the content informative and broken down into bite sized pieces busy moms can handle, her coaching calls were SO helpful.

Randi has this ability to see things in a different way than you might see them and can really help you dissect every issue you are facing to help you feel like you can conquer your shortcomings and obstacles. Her course will open up again soon, and in the meantime you should definitely check out her coaching!

Thanks Randi for sharing your knowledge and love on the podcast!

Jan 13, 2017

The internet is amazing friends- it makes it possible to make friends literally ANYWHERE in the world. And I didn't need to look far to find Allie- she's raising an adorable family in Arkansas, and I only stumbled upon her thanks to a blog post of hers that went viral recently. You've probably heard about her, or read about her rather. She solved every moms problem with her article, and I felt all the good feelings while chatting with her! I was literally thinking to myself the other day how much I hate picking up after my kids. How I know they can learn to pick up after themselves and it's an every day battle- but in the mean time I'm stuck doing it.  Allie had the same moment in her motherhood and stopped to problem solve rather than do what most of us do- follow the same pattern expecting a different result. She realized that the things she was cleaning up every day were her kids toys- and they had way too many of them. So she started on a path that led her to clearing out not only a toy haul, but all the clutter that inundated her life! It left her so bored that she had to change a few things in their family...and you'll have to listen to find out what I'm talking about!

Nov 21, 2016

Ladies, you are in for a treat today. My guest, the fabulous Cara Brook of Maskcara is amazing and she's sharing all about how she started her wildly successful makeup line. How many people do you know that have started their own makeup line from the ground up? Cara has known for most of her life that this was her dream, and she's worked her tail off to make it a reality.

In part one of her interview she is sharing in depth her entire entrepreneurial journey up to this point. The moments that seemed completely insurmountable coupled with more success than she ever banked on!

Get your notepad ready because Cara drops some serious knowledge and tools to succeed and you will absolutely love this episode! Thanks Cara for hanging out with me and reminiscing about our awkward middle school and high school days. I, for one, am very glad you didn't peak in high school!


Nov 11, 2016

Oh Alycia- I could talk to you for days on end and it wouldn't be enough! Less than a year ago I had no idea this blogger world existed, but when I discovered it, I quickly found the ones who really touched a nerve, who made me happy and who I just LOVED. Alycia is one of those.

I caught her on Periscope one day talking about how difficult it is to make friends as an adult- and I knew I had to talk to her. And while that's not what we really focus on here on this episode- I want everyone listening to know how quickly people connect with you and love you when you're vulnerable. It opens doors, makes friendships and leads to awesome episodes like this one!

Alycia has been blogging since the beginning and keeps her space of the internet very happy and party-like, hence the title of her blog Crowley Party. I always appreciate someone making cyberspace a little bit nicer and naturally I love Alycia. Have I mentioned that already?

From the ups and downs of having a life on social media, to the unappreciated skills we both had as kids- you'll learn a lot on this episode! And Alycia is giving away a copy of her awesome e-book to everyone! Blogging At the Next Level is awesome and I'm so happy Alycia is giving this to ALL of you!

Keep up with Alycia over on her blog:!

Thanks Alycia- love you so much!

Nov 2, 2016

Ashleigh is the host of the podcast Mompreneur on Fire, which is how I found her! I love my fellow podcasters and admire anyone taking the time to share inspiring and informative messages through this wonderful medium.

Ashleigh started out the year 2016 with determination to not just set resolutions, but actual goals that she was committed to achieving. And hearing her voice, you know she's made up her mind. She has owned this year, had some exponential growth and has truly made it HER YEAR!

I am happy to share this episode with you, and hope you'll go listen to even more of Ashleigh on her podcast!

Thanks Ashlee for being a guest and sitting on the other end of the interview to share your experiences with my listeners!


Oct 10, 2016

Kindle is one of those people you just INSTANTLY love. It could be her charming demeanor, or the way she can melt your heart and make you laugh all in one sentence. Or maybe it's the fact that in spite of how incredible her story is, she's still relatable, in a really spectacular way. Whatever it is that makes me love her, I guarantee you will love her too!

Her story is heart wrenching, faith testing and empowering, and she is the definition of Marvelous Mom. And here's what I want everyone to realize- being marvelous does not mean being perfect. It means fully embracing your motherhood, feeling gratitude for your children and your divine role as their mother.

Grab a box of tissues and prepare to ugly cry. This is a story of faith in God, faith in the fact that He truly hears prayers and answers them, and that we are all worthy of amazing blessings!

Enjoy this episode brought to you by the Retail Arbitrage Course, where you can learn to make money every time you go shopping!

Sep 14, 2016

I met Vanessa at a blogger conference where she shared not only her story of how she and her husband created Chatbooks, but her love for music and her incredible singing talent!  As a mother of seven she inspired me and I knew I had to share her story with the rest of you.  She's the example of following your dream to be an amazing mother, while also being true to your heart and pursuing the other talents and passions you were blessed with.  It can be so easy to get stuck in the rut of motherhood or to feel like you are betraying your family by having other hobbies or joys, but what most of us who follow that calling find, it can actually make us better mothers! It's all about feeling fulfilled and finding a type of balance that fits who you are as an individual and as a mother into one fantastic life. And Vanessa never pretends to have it all together or to have mastered it perfectly. She has given up some of her endeavors to pursue others. But she is an example of listening to that inner voice that tells you it's ok to love more than one thing.

Enjoy today's episode, it's really just a chat between moms, about being a mom and all the highs and lows that come with every phase of motherhood!  Enjoy! And thank you Vanessa for treating us to a sneak peek into your life! 

Jun 1, 2016

McKenna is not only one of my favorite people to follow on snapchat but she is a mom with a really cool story and a lot to share with the world! Holistic healing is just one of the many things she does on a daily basis and you'll need to listen in to hear all about her and what she does! I love that she went from having a uterus that was completely unable to conceive to one that conceived on its own without any medical assistance just by changing her diet and health habits! It reminds me that anything is possible and there is never reason to doubt or fear the future!

McKenna, thank you for being on the podcast and sharing so much awesome inspiration with me and everyone else! I love how you have taken care of yourself and then made it possible for all of us to do the same!

May 13, 2016

Katelin is an incredibly talented writer and a friend of mine from high school. Thanks to the power of social media we have been able to watch each other from afar and I've always been so impressed by Katelin's fearlessness (in my eyes) in everything she does. I watched her with excitement (and a little bit of jealousy) when she lived in New York and worked as a nanny. I've loved seeing her become a mother to her sweet boys and was so proud of her fearlessness in sharing her journey with depression. What I loved most about her explanation is how her depression didn't look at all like what she had always thought depression was supposed to be.  She kept blaming it on different things until finally she realized she was no longer the person she used to be.  Taking those big steps towards change and progress are so overwhelming but the results can be so incredibly sweet. Listen in to hear more about Katelin's story- you won't be sorry you did!  

May 9, 2016

Savanah is one of my Periscope Sisters aka Scope Sisters and I have grown to love her so much even though the most we've ever met is online! She was a single mom for a short time and worked hard to provide for her adorable daughter.  She has learned a lot about herself and learned to love and appreciate the person she is and has rediscovered her self worth. That discovery has pushed her forward towards a life of happiness with her new husband and second daughter!  I loved hearing about her experiences as a mother and how she's instilling that same sense of self worth into her daughters. She's amazing and it is with great joy that I share with you her amazing Marvelous Moms Club interview! 


Mar 1, 2016

This is not an easy one to listen to friends- it's a real and very RAW story about every mother's worst nightmare- losing a child. And Tiffany lays it all out there without reservation. My heart breaks a little more every time I hear this story and I hold each of my babies a little closer to me. The strength that Tiffany has had to acquire to make it through this life without her first born Ollie is incredible and speaking to her you'd never know right away what she has faced in her life. And while she'll never be completely "over it" and still hurts in only the place grieving mothers can understand, she is sharing her story and healing day by day and is a MARVELOUS mom to her two children still living on this earth.

Her story is one of faith, faith that there is a beautiful life beyond this world where her son waits for her, faith that it was his time to go, and faith that she can carry on and be the mother God intended her to be to her other children. I love that she meditates and allows herself to go to a place of quiet peace where she can feel those tender feelings and inspiration that draw her even closer to her son. I love that she expresses herself in such a beautiful way and is helping other parents to heal through her blog and other connections.

I hope she will carry on and do her own podcast for grieving parents. It's a life struggle that far too many people are acquainted with and like any other trial, people need other people to get through the darkest days to find light and joy again. If you know anyone who would benefit from a podcast like this please reach out to me and I'll let Tiffany know how strong the need is for a message like this to be shared continuously.

You can follow Tiffany's journey and read stories of her family on their blog- The Hebbs.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening up and sharing those tender feelings you have with other Marvelous Moms!

Feb 26, 2016

Meg's story is one of the most inspiring and amazing stories I've ever had on the podcast. You would never know from her attitude and insanely beautiful smile that she has endured the most painful and life changing obstacles. She lives life in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the chest down with use of her arms but not hands. For many people that would be the end of hope, dreaming, LIVING. But for Meg that's not the case. She has pushed through the frustration, anger and pain to find herself smack dab in the most beautiful and happy life, filled with more joy than most people ever experience who never face the challenges she has faced!

I loved talking with her about what REAL paralysis is- not believing or having hope and completely giving up on life. Paralysis of the mind can be much more crippling than physical paralysis. How many people do you know who are similar to Meg and have chosen to rise above their struggles and become the strongest people you know? And how many people do you know that have given up too soon or have resorted to a life of mental paralysis? Which one do you want to be?

You can read Meg's full post here about her two questions she says will help you through any trial: "What can I learn from this, and who can I help?" I love this amazing perspective and plan to start implementing it into my daily life! And while you're at it just check out her whole website- she's an amazing woman and has made a huge impact on the world including creating the Miss

I loved her approach to prayer as well, not praying to avoid problems, but praying to be a good problem solver. It puts so much more control into our hands with the help of a higher power. We can't sit around waiting for life to be perfect- we have to work hard to create the lives we want and thank God for His hand in all of it!

And one of my favorite things she shared with me- don't make a "to-do" list, make a "ta-da" list! We've talked about lists here before in the Marvelous Moms community and it is SO important to praise ourselves and be proud of our accomplishments than shaming ourselves for not getting it all done! So everyone change those to do's to TA DA'S! :)

Listen in to hear all the rest of the juicy stuff we chatted about including her experience with a real live angel. :) Thanks Meg for sharing your love and amazing attitude with everyone on the podcast! You're absolutely MARVELOUS!